Soccer Academy


What is the Battle River Soccer Academy?

The Battle River Soccer Academy is a partnership between École Charlie Killam School and Tom McManus where student athletes can focus on both academic achievement and individual skill development in soccer.

Soccer Staff:

Tom McManus will be the lead instructor for the soccer sessions. Tom has an impressive resume as both a player and a coach. He has been a member of the coaching staff for Team Canada, coached numerous University teams, and played professional soccer himself. He is an excellent source of knowledge in soccer and we are happy to be partnered with him!

An ÉCKS staff member will be the lead instructor for fitness sessions and will be there to assist in soccer sessions as well. This will ensure that the students are applying a uniform standard of excellence in all aspects of school life as well as their soccer skill development. This staff member is typically Mrs. Kathryn Andrukow. She is currently on maternity leave, so Ms. Kristina Throndson will be running the fitness sessions and assisting with soccer for this year.

Contact Information:

- Kristina Throndson:
- Tom McManus:
- Fee related questions:

Weekly Schedule:

Students have a Soccer Academy class on Monday, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

● Group A’s training sessions will be Monday and Thursday mornings from 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

● Group B’s training sessions will be Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

● Training sessions will be held at the Camrose Community Center, until weather permits us to go outside, at which point in time we will be utilizing the soccer field at the school. The first session is TBD, but most likely will be Thursday, Feb. 1.

● The days groups don’t have a training session, they will have a fitness session at the school during the day.

● Fridays - this year the soccer academy classes will be with their own class for PE on Friday’s. This is due to scheduling conflicts, and availability of the Community Center for soccer sessions.

● The soccer academy classes take place during your child’s PE periods. For some classes it may take place of WIN which stands for (What I Need). It is a study/catch up period.

Soccer Sessions: For the months of February, March, and April these sessions will be held at the Camrose Community Center on Tuesday and Thursdays. Sessions start at 8:00 AM.

Please have your child there ready to play at 8:00 AM.

Students will need:
- Athletic change of clothes - shorts, shirt
- Shin Pads / Socks
- Indoor soccer shoes (runners are sufficient)

After the session, players will be bussed back to the school OR if they have COMP option on Monday or Tuesday mornings, they will be bussed to the COMP (grade 7s and 8s only).

Players will have to store their soccer stuff in their lockers at the school. 

Goalie Training

We will be covering goalkeeping at least once a week within the sessions. We will be working on the basics. Shot stopping, footwork, communication, dealing with crosses, etc. We will not do a great deal of diving from a standing position due to the floor surface, until weather permits us to go outside. There will be times when they do dive but it will be limited. Whenever we play a scrimmage the goalkeepers will be used in that capacity and given direction.

Fitness Sessions

Fitness training within the soccer academy will focus on all-around functional fitness. Soccer-related fitness will be a priority, but an important goal of this component will also be balanced fitness and enjoyment of physical activity away from the soccer field. These sessions will be held at the school.

Fitness training will include: Goal-setting, Strength Training, Yoga, Skill Development, Fitness Testing and Cardio Sessions.


All transportation needed throughout this semester is provided and included in the fees. Parents are responsible for bringing their child to the Camrose Community Center for the start of the soccer sessions (8:00 AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays).

Financial Cost

The cost will be $120 a month paid to École Charlie Killam School. This covers facility rental, staffing/instructors, apparel, transportation, and equipment. We will be ordering apparel (shirt, shorts, and a pair of socks) after the winter break.

*There are no refunds for students leaving the program part way through the year, unless injury or other special circumstances occur. Payment options are; one lump sum or monthly installments via online payments. Statements will be sent via email, not mailed.*